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Clapton coils are a special type of wire for use as atomizer heating element. Unlike standard straight wire coils, Clapton coils consist of a pair of wires: one thicker axial wire, and a thinner wire wrapped around the thicker wire from end to end. Clapton coils resemble thick guitar or piano wires. In vaping, the advantage of a clapton coil over a standard coil is that the clapton coil provides more surface area over the same overall lenghth of coil. This increased surface area translates to more contact with the E-Liquid soaked wick, and a better cloud and flavor genration in general
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Kangertech CLOCC Stainless Steel Replacement Coil .5 1.5 Ohm Ni200 Kangertech CLOCC Stainless Steel Replacement Coil

Kanger has recently released their CL Tank, and with that they bring us a new revolutionized coil! The CLOCC Coils are built using a stainless steel construction and organic cotton for a more pure flavor. These coils are also built using stainless steel wire allowing for the use of wattage and also temperature control on devices that have the stainless steel TC function. These coils are short and sweet, providing phenomenal clouds, and BEASTLY flavor!

Our Price: $19.70
Kanger Clapton OCC Subohm Coils 0.5OHM Kanger Clapton OCC Subohm Coils 0.5 OHM

5 Pack Deal

Our Price: $21.90