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Aspire Vaporizer Coils & Atomizers

If you've got an atomizer, you'll have to replace your coils from time to time, and some of the first signs you need to switch them out are when you see lower vapor production or notice a burnt taste. If you're using Aspire Atlantis atomizers, you should look into replacing your coils with Aspire BVC coils, which are an upgrade of the older Aspire BDC coils.

The new Aspire vape coils are designed for a number of Aspire atomizers, including the ET, ET-S, CE5 and CE5-S. Please note that these will not work with the Nautilus series of atomizers. Although they are not compatible with the Nautilus series, they are designed on the same basis. The new BVC coils have the same high-quality materials and wick technology, including four holes for better wicking. The updated technology and materials produce a cleaner taste, and the coils last longer between replacements.

The resistance offered by these coils is 1.8 ohm, and they come in packs of five with most orders shipping within one business day.